Thank You Michael Jackson

The world lost Michael Jackson yesterday. It seemed to be the only thing anyone could talk about last night. It is sad and unexpected.
I firmly believe that he is my generation’s Elvis. Michael’s influence is all over the place. If you like music videos – thank Michael. Thriller, Billy Jean, Beat It – in the early age of MTV (back when they actually played videos), these videos helped set the standard. Like Usher or Justin Timberlake? Heavily influenced by Michael. Ever do the Thriller dance? Thank Michael.
His influence is all over, and his musical legacy is on the same level as Elvis’.
It’s because of Michael that I can appreciate the marriage of music and visual arts. A great song can be enhanced by a great video or a great dance. A sermon or speech can be reinforced by the right song. And for me, it all started the first time I saw the video for Billy Jean.
Thank you Michael. You will not be forgotten.

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