New Year…new post

I have been silent for a month, but I have not been quiet. We are pretty much settled in, and we are putting roots down. I haven’t written much, but yet people have visited my site. I wonder – who is reading this? Why?

I ask because I haven’t had any comments, and I would love some feedback on what I post. I feel like I am crying out into the wind, and nothing comes back to me. I know, it’s not polite to beg…but I am begging. Please interact – I value your input.

In the six months since we’ve left Indy, we have been going full tilt trying to get settled in and get the house ready. We had family over for Thanksgiving, and it was a great time. We are getting to know more people at Lifepoint, and we are grateful that God is leading us to where He wants us.

Yesterday we got to hang out with Kari and Ramiro and their cute daughter Abby. We talked all evening and had a blast. We then got together for lunch today and had even more fun. Last weekend we got to hang out with Sam and Amy, and we had a great time with them too!! We are excited to see where these friendships lead.

We won’t lie – we miss our Indy family and friends. But we know that they are supporting us and that makes all the difference.

2 thoughts on “New Year…new post”

  1. I visit your site maybe once a week hoping to get a refreshing drink of your wisdom. But the spring dried up; my spirit is parched. Ron Santo? Gaming? Like swallowing gravel. How about Jose’s perspective on life? Maybe a funny story? How you see yourself in 5 years? By the way, I visited you church’s web site, and it looks like the real deal. I bet they could use a Teaching Pastor.

    I’m glad to hear you guys are getting settled and making new friends. We left TPCC about two years ago, and, although we’re plugged into Northview Church, we still keep in contact with TPCC people. No problem with TPCC; we kept moving farther east, and the drive kept getting longer.

    I’ll keep reading your blog!

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