Well, it’s been two weeks since I left PNC to stay home with Mateo. I’ve started my new part time job at CVS, and the end of school is on the horizon (come on December!!). Staying at home is a challenge, but a rewarding one. I get to hang out and take care of Mateo, but I also have to learn how to do things like laundry and stuff. I hate calling or texting Nicole to ask how to do something, but it’s better than leaving it waiting for her. That wouldn’t be fair. Still, I have gotten to be a pro at washing Mateo’s diapers and clothes (not at the same time!)

Mateo’s diapers? Yes, we are cloth diapering. We are using the Fuzzibunz Elite, and we love them. They’re really absorbent, but if we don’t pay attention, Mateo can exceed their capabilities. I’ve changed several shirts because of that. Well, pee and vomit. Little stinker has a penchant for puking on me when I think he’s done burping. It’s a Mexican standoff at times. I wait him out, and Mateo gets the better of me more often than not. All I can do is laugh, And change my shirt more often than a teenage girl on a Traders Point Spring Break trip.

I won’t lie and say I’m not scared about this whole thing. I worry about making sure he’s fed, changed, entertained, rested, protected – everything. I want to do my best by Mateo, but I don’t want to become a helicopter dad. All I can do is to do my best, all the while following God’s lead. 

Oh, before you ask – I haven’t played any video games since I stopped working full time. I’ve caught up on a few TV shows, but mostly I hang out in the kitchen or living room with Mateo, and enjoy every minute of it. Well, I do homework while he’s sleeping. But sometimes, I do stop and watch him sleep. 

So, it’s a new adventure, and we are going to enjoy every minute of it.


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