Man vs Wife 2

This Sunday Nicole and I were stars at church. Before every sermon in this series there has been a video of couples competing in “Minute To Win It” events. The men and women had split the first two competitions, so we were the tiebreaker. When we filmed the challenge, it was to be a best 2 out of 3 endeavor, and I won the first two. Somehow I got guilted into making the 3rd match winner takes all, and I lost. Well, I gave my word, so that was that. On Sunday, Bob declared it a draw due to various things (I’d already won 2 of 3, he gave Nicole advice on how to do the headbob better, it probably suited the sermon series if it’s tied). Anyways, it was fun.

The sermon was focused towards single people and how they should prepare for relationships and marriage. I wish I could have heard this advice years ago – I could have been better prepared for Nicole and been a better husband from the beginning. Still, I can apply this to myself even now, so it’s all good.

The biggest takeaway I had this weekend was this – we can’t have the benefit of the relationship without putting the necessary work in to it.

Think about that.

A relationship takes work. Love – the feeling – will not sustain it. Love – the verb – is needed for it to work. Bob put it this way – Love is a commitment, not a feeling. There are times when I don’t feel loving towards Nicole, but I honor my commitment and love her. When I do feel loving towards her, I don’t let it change the way I honor my commitment towards her. I never let me feelings dictate how I love her. My commitment dictates that.

I am happy that we are relatively low-drama. Our discussions aren’t bad, and we usually solve our issues quickly. Still, we aren’t perfect, but we don’t fight much. That’s a testament to God more than anything else. He guides us and helps us stay focused on honoring each other. We work things out because He has made us better. Our spiritual maturity has grown over the years, and that will be the case every day of our lives. We will strive to honor God and each other.

With that being said, despite Bob calling it a draw, Nicole won. Much as I hate to say it, we agreed on winner takes all, and she beat me. Congratulations honey.

I love you.