Mark Roach

A few Christmases ago, I was talking to Nicole’s uncle Rick, and he told me of a worship artist he saw who opened for Chris Tomlin. Rick was so passionate in his description of the artist, I had to find the guy’s CD and listen to it. So, getting his name, I looked up Mark Roach on iTunes, downloaded the album, and found a new favorite. I listened to that album time and again, and hoped to catch Mark live. That hasn’t happened yet, but I hope to do it sometime soon.

As it happens, Mark is on Twitter, so I followed him. He lives in the St. Louis area, and is the Worship Arts Director at Morning Star Church in Dardenne Prairie, MO I also found his blog, and I’ve enjoyed reading it.

Mark released a new album this past April, and I bought it and loved it. Recently, Mark started blogging the stories behind the songs, and it’s made me appreciate them so much more. I’ve linked Mark’s blog to my recommended list. Check it out, and head over to iTunes to buy his CDs. You’ll love them.

Here’s one of my favorite songs of his.

**Note** I corrected where Mark works. I said he helped at Elevation Church, but is actually on staff at Morning Star church.

Mexico bound….

We leave for Mexico on Saturday. I am excited. All these months of planning, praying, and preparing for this week are coming to fruition. God has been busy breaking me down in getting me ready for the trip, and I know He is going to rebuild and restore me.

We’ve faced obstacles. We’ve been told not to go. I’ve even received a few emails from people that were somewhat negative of my views.

The Enemy was on full assault…because he is scared. He knows that when we are the Body, we advance the Kingdom.

And he’s failed. This trip is important because it is what God calls us to do. It’s important because we learn a lot about ourselves, our friends, and most importantly, God.

We will be blogging during the trip. Please, follow along with us, as well as all the other Traders Point trips at

As the good Doctor would say – Allons-Y!!

New Year…new post

I have been silent for a month, but I have not been quiet. We are pretty much settled in, and we are putting roots down. I haven’t written much, but yet people have visited my site. I wonder – who is reading this? Why?

I ask because I haven’t had any comments, and I would love some feedback on what I post. I feel like I am crying out into the wind, and nothing comes back to me. I know, it’s not polite to beg…but I am begging. Please interact – I value your input.

In the six months since we’ve left Indy, we have been going full tilt trying to get settled in and get the house ready. We had family over for Thanksgiving, and it was a great time. We are getting to know more people at Lifepoint, and we are grateful that God is leading us to where He wants us.

Yesterday we got to hang out with Kari and Ramiro and their cute daughter Abby. We talked all evening and had a blast. We then got together for lunch today and had even more fun. Last weekend we got to hang out with Sam and Amy, and we had a great time with them too!! We are excited to see where these friendships lead.

We won’t lie – we miss our Indy family and friends. But we know that they are supporting us and that makes all the difference.

Sunday is a big day

Today at LifePoint, Bob taught on the Forgotten Virtue of honor.  Here is the link to his post : Sunday is a big day.

I would like to honor my best friend and my wife Nicole.  She is by far my better 99.99%.  I am a much better man because God blessed me with an amazingly wonderful woman.  I cannot begin to fathom where I would be without her.

I would love to honor God.  I will forever lack the words that will express what He means to me and to you and to the world, but I will try to say something.  Without God, everything is meaningless.  I live because He exists.  I love because He has shown me how to love.  I live for Him because He died for me.  Thank you Lord for Your love.

I want to honor LifePoint church.  Even though we have just started attending, we feel that God lead us there for a reason, and we are excited for Him to reveal His plans for us.

I want to honor Traders Point Christian Church.  We miss you, but we know that there is a reason.  We learned so much, and we see that God was preparing us for something big.  The list of thank you’s would be too long, but I do have to thank Aaron for his leadership and submission to God.  His vision casting has been so instrumental in keeping TPCC on course when the many transitions could have taken the church off course.  I also want to thank the entire staff and all the elders for everything that they do.

I hope that we can rediscover honor – it truly is a forgotten virtue.

Who will you honor?