The journey begins

I am sitting in my sister-in-law Erica’s Erica_in_osaka living room thinking of what to write, and I don’t really know where to start.  We spent the afternoon spending time with Nicole and Erica’s cousin Lucy who is recovering from severe burns she suffered in a kitchen fire.  Lucy is healing well, and her prognosis is looking real good.  The skin grafts are going well for the most part, and she is being transferred to a rehab facility in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa area.  It was fun visiting with her, and I am pretty sure she enjoyed the company.  We then went had dinner with the in-laws and then came here.  Now I’m sitting here in front of my laptop wondering where I’m journeying to. 
I don’t really know where God is taking us, but I do know that He has great things in store for us.  He’s already blessed us with great friends and family (take a look at Matt’s May 9th blogpost to get a glimpse of what I am referring to), and He continues to reveal Himself to us daily.  I used to like the bumper sticker that read "God is my co-pilot" until I realized that if He’s the co-pilot, He and I need to switch seats.  Well, we have, and the journey begins….